POLIEXA Entertainment is a derivative company of the PhoeniX-Storms Dev-Team  created by Miljan Bojovic in 2005 and since then been focused on developing small games, mods and plugins for products such as Garry's Mod and other Source Engine Games/Mods. One of the most known mod is "PhoeniX-Storms Premium Pack" now included in the retail Garry's Mod game on Steam.

With this initiative we're going for something bigger. We always wanted to create our own products and with scalable tools such as Unreal Engine , Unity and Cryengine we're now able to make this real.
The Poliexa Entertainment team works on bringing you the best possible experience.

With the introduction of Virtual Reality Technology in 2015 we're jumping on this train wherever it leads, because we think Virtual Reality is the next big thing in Video Game Industry and Media Entertainment. That's why we're planning on having a division for VR products.